About Us

theSpace is an innovative creative and social hub for adults with Autism and intellectual disabilities, located in Ottawa, Ontario. 


Our relational approach facilitates an opportunity for member’s real engagement in identity-enhancing creations and social interactions. 


theSpace supports individuals who are often not fully represented in their communities, or able to express personal agency--introducing an approach which facilitates a feeling of true belonging and engagement through identity-enhancing creative projects.  

In effect, theSpace moves away from traditional notions of 'a job', toward an embodiment of more broad forms of social citizenship and entrepreneurship---through creativity. 


Workshops at our creative studio support the use of accessible technologies which allow members many points of entry and an opportunity to adapt their personal interests and personality to various creative processes, including the use of computer editing software, photo manipulation and other digital tools and techniques. 



Thank you for your support. 


theSpace Members